Gamers Opt Out


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How it Works

  1. Complete the Opt Out form
    Users complete the Opt Out form. The form verifies with PSN/EA that your account is valid and that we have all the information we need.
  2. Receive Status Link
    When the form is submitted and your data is stored in our database you will be given a status link by the Opt Out Otter. Keep this link! You will need it to check the status of your letter.
  3. Download your letter PDF
    Once your letter is printed your status will be updated reflect this and you will be given a link to download the same PDF that we printed. Keep this for your own records.
  4. Wait for your letter to ship
    Soon the letters will be shipped off to Sony/EA and we will then again update your status to reflect this. We send by certified mail and will include the tracking number for your convenience.
  5. Wait for your letter to be received
    Once we confirm the delivery of your letter, we will remove the data stored in the database and update your status to show that it has been received. The PDF you were able to download will be removed shortly after that as well, so make sure you download it sooner rather than later.

Regarding your information:

After your letter has been received, we will delete your data from our database. The only data we will have left over once the letter is received and the records removed will be your unique HASH ID, the status of your letter, the packet number it was sent in, and the certified mail number. No other data will be kept. No data will sold or traded.